Cleaning Associations

There are a range of associations to which cleaners can be a part of, or can turn to for advice on their jobs or their employer-employee relationships, as well as help when setting out to work alone.

The British Cleaning Council

The British Cleaning CouncilThe BCC is the voice of cleaners throughout the UK. Established In 1982, the aims of the council were to coordinate the affairs of the cleaning industry, and to be responsible for industry matters both at home and abroad.

The council provides a forum for its members to meet and work together in order to raise the profile of the industry, and help it gain credibility. It also works to promote and encourage improvements in health, hygiene, and general cleanliness standard.

The BCC comprises of 18 members, who cover every angle of the UK cleaning industry. These members include:

The BCC, in conjunction with its members, organise the world-renowned 'Cleaning Show', held on alternate years. The exhibition provides a showcase for the cleaning industry, reflecting and catering the needs of British industry.

The BCC also organises the "Clean Britain Awards", which replace the "Britain's cleanest City" competition.

The Cleaning and Support Services Association

The Cleaning and support Services AssociationThe CSSA is the first port of call for the cleaning and support service industries in the UK. The CSSA claims to be "the customers' guide to quality and reliability in the UK cleaning and support services market". Its dedication to the support, training and representation of its members has made it a highly respected organisation.

The aims of the CSSA are to advance its members' interests, while promoting the professionalism and excellence of the sector through training and development. The association also shares management experience with its members, to increase competitiveness and profitability, and works with the government and other governing bodies to speak for the industry, and protect its safeguards.

All members of the CSSA must follow a strict code of practice. If you see the CSSA logo on a contractors stationary, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of that contractor. Any contractor bearing the logo will be ethical, reliable and should offer value for money. The CSSA website has a searchable database of members, offering a wide variety of cleaning and support services.

The UK Cleaning Products Industry Association

The UK Cleaning Product Industry AssociationThe UKCPI represents UK producers of cleaning materials and hygiene products - essentially, cleaning products including soaps, washing powders, disinfectants, polishes and air fresheners for the household, as well as hygiene and cleaning products used for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Companies involved with the UKCPI are at the heart of the organisation, as they provide the input and expertise which allow the UKPCI to remain a key focal point for the industry as a whole.