Window cleaning

No matter whether it be your home or business building the cleanliness of the windows greatly affect the appearance of the building. If you're after products to help you clean your windows you're self or after a window cleaning service to help you maintain them then there are plenty available. It is now easier than ever to clean your own windows as there are shops online that specialise in the products required.

It's usually not knowing the correct technique that makes most of our efforts go to waste when trying to clean our own windows so here is an easy technique to follow to help you achieve the professional standard of clean windows:

The most important thing is to make sure your using the correct equipment to begin with. This would include a squeegee maybe around 12 inches long until you have got the hand of it, a clean scrubber and sponge, the correct soap/cleaning fluid and of course plenty of clean water. For after the process is complete you will need a clean lint free cloth.

To start with using the scrubber making sure to get a majority of the dirt off the window using lots of water. Then using the clean sponge apply the soap or cleaning fluid to cover the entire of the pane of glass.

Using the squeegee (holding it at an angle and moving in the direction the water flows down the glass, it is most effective to make the strokes side to side rather than up and down) make sure all the soap/fluid is wiped off in the correct direction so not to leave any un wanted streaks on the glass.

The above is all very well for a typically grubby wall, however, what about more specialised marks and stains such as wax crayon, or ink?

It is also important to remember whilst using the squeegee to wipe off any excess fluid on the blade before taking the next stroke.

After this step is complete all that is left to do is take the lint free cloth and wipe around all edges of the window and window ledge, this should remove any water marks that were left behind.

As well as this technique for lower floor windows there are a range of products that make it possible to clean the upstairs windows in your home with no need for ladders. One of these products are extendable water fed poles that actually clean the windows, then there are the extendable squeegees that wipe away the excess cleaner and water.

The technique of using this equipment is a little more difficult to master as you have to have fairly good hand eye co ordination skills. Most of the extendable squeegees have the ability for the head of it to be turned so giving you the ability to do the strokes side ways so not to cause too many streaks. These products were originally used by commercial cleaners but are now readily available for the public, and save having to get your bucket of water up the ladder or stop the need to continually go up and down the ladder for fresh water.