Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

Cleaning the Outside of Your HomeKeeping the outside of your home clean is a good way of making your house appear more attractive and potentially adding value to your property. While cleaning the outside of your property you may notice faults that need fixing such as peeling paint or lose brickwork. It is recommend that you wash your house at least once a year and possibly more depending upon how much rainfall you receive and the air quality of your region. The following are a few quick pointers to help you keep your home looking fresh.

Power washers are a good solution for cleaning the external walls of your home. If you don't want to shell out for your own power washer then rentals are available from most equipment hire centres. Power washers use your garden hose to provide a higher pressure jet of water. For best results always wash from the bottom of the wall to the top. Dirty water running down the wall will not cause streaks but going from top to bottom will. This kind of streaking is extremely difficult to remove. While using the power washer, avoid trapping water behind the siding of your home as it will either remain trapped causing potential damage or cause streaking.

Power washing Your HouseHere is a good solution for cleaning external surfaces such as siding, wooden and painted surfaces. Take one teaspoon of trisodium phosphate (this is available in a powder form from most hardware stores) and add to about 3½ litres of water. Once the trisodium phosphate has dissolved into the solution apply it to external services then brush away.

Mildew can be tackled using a little bleach. Apply the bleach to a sponge and then rub onto affected areas. For heavily affected areas (especially if staining is becoming quite prominent) try making a solution from ¼ cup of muriatic acid mixed with 2½ cups of water. Apply to affected areas and then scrub away with a strong bristled brush. Due to the corrosive nature of muriatic acid take extreme care whilst mixing the solution and especially avoid contact with exposed skin.

Tackling MildewRust can be removed from surfaces using a cloth or rag soaked in kerosene.

Ageing or weathered wood can be restored back to its original state by stripping away surface layers. Apply a little oxalic acid to the bristles of a brush and scrub away the top layers. For directions on dilution check the manufacturers guidelines supplied.